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Best Ferrari to test drive in 2018

Your holiday in this summer is never complete if you fail to test drive the new Ferrari models in Italy. In fact, waiting for friends to narrate their experience to you would be more itching, painful and regrettable.

Count yourself favored for reading this piece before drawing up your itinerary.

Before the suspense fully grows in you, calm down and read on the best four Ferrari models, you should test drive on track during your holiday. Always trust us that every model discussed in this piece is a real hit! We have no time to overhype a product but we have the undying creativity to apply describe how exactly they are.

Got that? Then, let us get down to business!

Ferrari 488GTB

This is the real ferrari! If you have ever heard or seen any other model, than they were simply the samples of Ferrari 488GTB. It has a well-mounted double-turbo of 3.9-liter V-8, which gives Ferrari 488GTB a very charming sound, even when at full speed. The acceleration rate of this model is another reason for you to test-drive it. It moves as high as 8000 rpm before making 661 hp. Innovatively built with an automatic inexplicable seven-speed two-clutch, Ferrari 488GTB receives its transmission from this sole source with an estimated 0 to 60 time of 3 seconds.

More interestingly for you, it has a suspension that perfectly complies without any need to sacrifice the handle. For music freaks, Ferrari 488GTB has a Spider, which gives a retractable hardtop that blares up when the car speeds up to 25 mph. The spacing is very spacious enough to contain you and your spouse, so, it is not a selfish ride in any way!

Despite all the striking features of this charming, appealing, well-designed and modern Ferrari, it sells for just $256,550. For automobile lovers, this is ridiculously cheap compared with its comfort and functionalities.  

Ferrari California T

This is another apt depiction of elegance, pride, and speed. This is one of Ferrari product that has carved a niche for the automobile firm in the industry. Ferrari California T brings you all the comfort, rest and relaxation you can ever yearn for in a car. With an attractive design in the deep blue exterior, it has two seats for you and any other person you choose to share the joy with. Not test-driving Ferrari California T during the holidays is like being hungry and intentionally denied a delicious food.

Ferrari California T epitomizes versatility. It can be used on a daily basis with a renewed strength. The engine is well built to serve users delectably. It cruises smoothly on good roads and has absorbers to protect you from not-too-good ones. There is nothing you ever dreamt of in a car that is lacking in Ferrari California T. when you test drive it during the holidays, I'm pretty sure you will come back to comment on this piece of not saying it all; your experience will surpass what words can capture.

The engine has a maximum power level of 412kw, can move at 7500 rpm, and has a special retractable hardtop. The acceleration is fantastically enticing; it runs at 100km/h!

Will you guess the price? You got it wrong! It does not cost a high as the amount you had thought. It is sold for just a token of $210,843. Yes, it is that cheap and affordable for all who care for a decent and comforting ride.

Ferrari 458 Italia 

Common, this model is now a point of prayers in many homes that;  Give me the strength and recognition of Ferrari 458 Italia.   You wouldn't know why this is so? Read on!

This model of Ferrari has bagged over 30 international laurels from world standard organizations due to its strength, usefulness, versatility, and elegance. Even if it is your last penny, do ensure you spend it on test-driving Ferrari 458 Italia. Recently, its engine won the coveted award of "Best Performance Engine" at the International Engine of the Year Awards. Therefore, I would not have to describe the engine again because the award explains it all. In what other way does one describe BEST or than leaving it as BEST?

A very spacious car with big, large tires that add confidence to your driving experience, the creatively designed car ensures you are always in a relaxed mood and state while driving. Never forget to take your spouse along while test-driving the car; she may not forgive you when you try narrating your selfish experience to her. The red design is charming and gives a sort of courage and attractiveness to the award-winning model.

Surprisingly, the price begins from $230,000. I mean the revered and award-winning Ferrari 458 Italia does not cost up to $300,000! It is positively baffling. After the car has clinched many awards, it was a normal expectation from those in the industry that the price of the car will skyrocket; however, it still stares at us at the same low, cheap and friendly price.

Ferrari 488 Spider

The latest of Maranello's V8 utility sports cars but not the least! Of course, the newest model is expected to be the most advanced and Ferrari 488 Spider never fell short of your expectation. An assurance I need to give you at this point is that you will test-drive the Ferrari 488 Spider effortlessly. It is built with the latest technology and even the exterior design echoes this newness, advancement and uniqueness of the model.

Ferrari 488 Spider is built with a very rigid hard top to give you all the comfort you deserve while driving. This is a commendable improvement over other models. The whole of the car was built around RHT, making it the latest in form of technologically advanced car.

It has a maximum power of 670 CV at 8000 rpm. The engine is uniquely built with a zero turbo and it still produces sonorous sound when driving. It is regarded as the most high performance engine ever in the history of Ferrari despite its make-up and build.

If you care for pleasure, comfort, high speed and an unrivaled driving experience during the summer, you should test-drive this Ferrari. You will no doubt have an evergreen experience.

Despite all the numerous first-of-its-kind listed about this car, it is sold for just $272,700. The price is by no means comparable to its worth and quality. For the doubting Thomas, until you have a test drive, you may not believe!

What are you still waiting for? Plan yourself, get prepared and start cruising the Ferrari of your choice!

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The Classic Sports Car Club Just 4 You!
The Classic Sports Car Club Just 4 You!
The Classic Sports Car Club Just 4 You!